Research and Development

Our main duty is to ensure adequate leverage is supplied before and during the studies in the complex clinical trial processes.  We understand the key industry requirements and study specific needs  to manage complex multi-disciplinary clinical trial projects. Our clinical trial assistance programs and systems are developed to enhance communication and production

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Quality Management Training System

We supply QMTS to the clinical research company and small pharmaceutical and biotech companies to have their customizable and sustainable quality management training system, easy to implement and use for guidance to the operational training purposes to maintain and management overall quality. Our fully automated QMTS -Quality Management Training Solution is designed with user friendly interface and adopted for easy to use

Site Management 

We expanding our journey to become the Site Management Organization (SMO) to leverage clinical trials -support to contract research organization (CRO), a pharmaceutical company, a biotechnology company, a medical device company

Our Services 

  • Site recruitment and selection procedures (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore)

  • Subject recruitment and Patient engagement (educational aides and recruitment)

  • CT communication/ social network and educational campaigns 

  • Investigator training and medical professionals (international)

  • Advisory board events and round tables for doctors

  • Documentation preparation and record keeping

  • Support in clinical trial submissions

  • Communication support with review boards

  • Site Training Activities (reporting, documentation, security)

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