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Pharmatrial Pte Ltd is an independent professional organization, dedicated to offer short-term and long-term contractual services for assisting companies and moving their innovative project and research to achieve the highest results.


We ensure that understanding the specific requirements of each client and project is the key solution to deliver the highest quality of service with creative staffs with multi tasking skills stand in time. 


What is our advantages: Geographically and timely flexibile, efficient, responsible, loyal, dedicated and team competence​.



Our Services 

General Clinical Research Support Services 


The general clinical research support services are related to conducting of clinical trial services for drug  & medical device development leading to the development of therapeutic products and medical diagnostic technologies to be used in prevention, treatment, and diagnostic of various diseases. The most of the clinical research project has to engage with General Clinical Research Support Services to manage multi-discipline clinical trial activities.

Our Clinical Research Support Team are highly trained professionals will coordinate with activities to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner to enable  sponsor to rapidly establish collaborations with health research institutes and investigators in response to the urgent research demands and within timeline. We are also experienced in providing comprehensive clinical site and study monitoring investigator sites  as well as we provide regulatory supports and compliance services. 

We provide services that designed to deliver your  project needs with understanding of strict timelines. 
To save cost and time, we deliver your needs without further delay.

  • Clinical Trial Registry

  • Clinical Trial Monitoring

  • Clinical Trail Training & Teaching & Event Management

  • Clinical Trial eTMF Documentation & Orgnisation

  • Regional Office Management

  • Regional Vendor Management

  • Regional Marketing Application Support and Submission for Approval .

  • Regional HR & Communication Management

  • Regional Financial Control

  • Medical Product Distribution


Academic  Congress & Scientific Event Management / Conference / Seminars



What is a PCO?

A PCO (Professional Congress Organiser) has an excellent knowledge of the business tourism market and its multi tasked managers. A PCO offers several services: advice, management and co-ordination of administrative and operational aspects of the event, budgetary monitoring,  oversee full range of services.A  


Pharmatrial Pte Ltd brings PCO knowledge of new trends as they take charge of aspects such as:

  • event planning & research reports for sponsors

  • communicating with a well-respected speakers and faculty management

  • marketing commercialization of the exhibition spaces,

  • the registration of congress visitors, accommodation, travel management , abstract & presentations and the development of the scientific program

  • integrating the graphic design aspects to assigned project

  • audio-visual recording / technology integrated into  "IT Technology"

  • online event management system ( e.g . Learning Management System)

  • video tutorials development / customized  development